Resources in your area

Moving into a new area will require some investigating.  You will want to know where you can go to see a doctor, dentist and other healthcare professionals, as well as where you can go to have fun.  As with apartment hunting, Google Earth might be a great place to start.  It will allow you to get a birds eye view of a specific area of town, while you search for areas of interest.

The things you should consider when moving into a new area, are what kinds of resources will be available, and how far away are they located.  Resources should include: Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, mental health), Transportation (bus stop, bus station), Recreation (gym, basketball court, pool hall etc.) & Daily Living (laundry, shopping etc.)


Are you insured?

If you have insurance through family or your employer you may be restricted to seeing health care professionals on the “Preferred Provider List”.  (Proceed to Finding a Doctor)

If you do not have insurance your first step should be to fill out an Oregon Health Plan (OHP) application. You can find these applications at the Department of Human Services (DHS) office:

Field Services
Children, Adults And Families Division
Human Services, Department Of

2885 Chad Drive
Eugene, OR  97408 

Fax: (541) 686-7887
Web site:

Or, you can download the application online. To find a DHS office near you, you can look in the Government listing pages in the front of the phone book or call 1-800-699-9075.



The OHP Plus Program is for people who are under age 19.  It includes the no-cost public assistance option of the Healthy Kids Program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  This program is for adolescents younger than 19 living in households with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. 

·         The federal poverty level for 2010 (family of 1) is $903.00 gross monthly (200% would be up to $1,806.00 monthly gross).


The OHP Standard program provides free or low-cost care coverage to Oregon residents how have limited income and are aged 19 – 64.  DHS will have a limited number of openings for residents who need this health care coverage.  Add your name to the OHP Standard reservation list to become a potential applicant.  Eligibility includes:


Apply for OHP even if you don’t think you qualify, a rejection can qualify you for other services in the area.


If you don’t already have a personal or family doctor, ask friends or family in the area who their doctor is and if they would recommend them.  Check your “Preferred Provider List” (included with your insurance or OHP plan) and make sure the physician you were referred to is on it. Get the address and phone number and see if the office location is convenient to where you will be living.  Is their office on the bus route or within walking distance from home or work?  Call and set an introductory appointment.

Most towns have a low cost or free clinic available for uninsured individuals.  In Eugene it is White Bird Clinic (located at 323 12th Ave in Eugene (541-683-1641)). You may also be seen at most urgent care or emergency rooms regardless of insurance, but you will be charged for services.  Sacred Heart has a bridge program, which assists with medical expenses incurred, at their hospitals.


Finding a dentist is similar to finding a doctor. If you have private insurance through family or employer ask for referrals and check to see if they are on your Preferred provider List. Are they convenient to where you work or live?

If you are on OHP and live in Eugene or Springfield your choices are limited to Advantage Dentistry or Capital Dentistry.

If you do not have insurance White Bird has a dental clinic that is low cost or free depending on income (1400 Mill St Eugene (541-344-8302)).  It is on a first come basis and you must wait in line and hope they don’t run out of spaces by the time they get to you.

Mental Health


Once again, finding a mental health professional will follow the same basic guidelines as a doctor and dentist, if you have insurance or OHP.  If not, White Bird can again help you out.

White Bird - Counseling Program


341 E 12th Ave, Eugene OR 97401


Coordinator Chuck Gerard






by appt


$30/session, sliding scale, OHP





If you live more then a mile from work, school etc., it is important to talk about transportation.  You may have a bicycle (good for the dry season), and may be lucky enough to have access to a ride (mom, girlfriend or co-worker), but chances are, you will have to rely on public transportation to some degree.  Become familiar with the local bus system in your transportation area.  Know where the major transfer stations are located, and find out how close to your apartment is a bus stop.

In Lane county (Eugene, Springfield, Junction City etc.), you will be using the LTD (Lane Transit District) bus system.  All bus systems have a schedule of busses and stops.  Here is an example of LTD Bus 95 to/from Junction City. 



Make sure you are very familiar with the bus schedule if you are using it as your transportation to work.  Remember, buses do not typically have the same schedule for weekdays and weekends.  They will also have a reduced schedule for most holidays.


95 Junction City



Eugene Downtown


Junction City


95 Junction City


Junction City


Eugene Downtown


95 Eugene Station


Hwy. 99
at 5th
(Big Y)

Hwy. 99

Hwy. 99 at Airport Rd.

Country Coach

Lindeborg Junction City

Lindeborg Junction City

Maple at 1st

Hwy.99 at Airport Rd.

Hwy.99 at Barger

ARRIVE Eugene Station








































You can’t work 24/7 and be happy.  Recreation is a very important part of being healthy and happy.  Recreation is a great way to stay out of trouble, and meet people with similar interests.

Search Results

      Local business results for Recreation, near Eugene, OR 97401


The word:


   ‘Recreation’ followed by


  Your zip code will give you a quick idea of what recreational opportunities area available in your area.


Isn’t Google great!

Hendricks Park - (541) 682-4800 - 4 reviews

Science Factory Children's - (541) 682-7888 - 2 reviews

Eugene Country Club - (541) 345-0181 - 2 reviews

Oakway Fitness Center - (541) 343-3314 - 6 reviews

Oakway Golf Course - (541) 484-1927 - 3 reviews

Crux Rock Gym - (541) 484-9535 - 1 review

Curves - (541) 341-4900 - 2 reviews


More results near Eugene, OR 97401 »


Daily Living


Things like shopping for groceries, and doing your laundry are a necessary part of living.  Walk around your local community and see what is available.  If you do not have washer and dryer hookups in your apartment, see if there is a facility on the apartment grounds.  Ask your landlord or apartment manager where people go to do their laundry, buy groceries etc.  Often times, larger apartment communities will have preprinted brochures with this information available for new residents.

If you are going to be going to school (and even if you are not), the local community college has a wealth of information available.  Fun activities, places to eat, people who are looking for roommates, community gatherings, cultural outings and interest groups, etc.  You can access the general community college even if you are not a student.  You may decide to sign up for a class and experience the college life.  Either way, there are many resources available through the college.

As you have learned while doing this mod, the Internet gives you resource information at you fingertips.  If you have a computer and Internet connection, you are all set.  If not, locate your local library.  There is no charge to access a library computer, and the library itself has many additional resources that you may be interested in.

The employment office (2510 Oakmont Way, Eugene - (541) 686-7601) is a great place to visit if you are looking for employment.  You can sign up for services at no expense, and get additional assistance with finding a job and updating your resume.

Temp services (such as Barrett Services, Personnel Source, Account Temps, Kelly Services etc.) are a great way to get your foot in the door if you are looking for employment.  It is the temp services job to find you a job.  When you sign up with them, you give them your information and agree to pay them a small percentage of your paycheck for the first 90 days (the amount of time varies).  They now have an incentive to find you a job (so that they can get paid).  After you have completed your probationary time with the temp service, the company that has employed you can hire you on as a regular employee.  At any time that you (or the employer) is unhappy with your work, you can simply give notice to the temp service and asked to be reassigned.

In the end, there is no better resource than word of mouth.  Ask family, friends, neighbors, program staff, co-workers, etc., what resources they commonly use.  Those people who already have experience with the places and people you are interested in using, are your best resource yet.


QUIZ – Please answer the following questions:


1.)  Where is a good place to start when looking for local resources? _______________________

2.)  What are three types of resources you should consider when moving to a new area? _______


3.)  Where can you obtain an Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Application? ______________________

4.)  What is the main difference between OHP Plus and OHP Standard? ____________________

5.)  What are the requirements for eligibility for OHP Standard? ___________________________


6.)  What is 200% of the 2010 federal poverty limit for a family of 1? ________________________

7.)  What are three things you should consider when looking for a doctor in a new area? ________


8.)  If you live in Eugene or Springfield and are on OHP your dental choices are limited to _______ ____________ or _______________________________

9.)  True or False: You have to make an appointment to see a dentist at the White Bird Clinic (If false, please write the correct answer). ____________________________________________

10.)       True or False: Finding a mental health professional will follow the same basic guidelines as finding a doctor or dentist (If false, please write the correct answer). _____________________

11.)       Why would you have to rely on public transportation to some degree? _________________


12.)       At what time in the morning will bus 95 first arrive at Lindeborg, Junction City on a Friday?


13.)       LTD will have a reduced schedule during most (complete)? ___________________________

14.)       What are three recreational opportunities in Eugene as listed by Google? ______________ 


15.)       How might you find what is available in your local community? _______________________

16.)       Who can you ask for information about local resources in your area, when moving into a new apartment? ______________________________________________________________

17.)       Where can you find a “wealth” of information about your community? __________________

18.)       Where else might you be able to access the internet? ______________________________

19.)       Where can you first go when looking for employment? _____________________________

20.)       What is a great way to get your foot in the door, when looking for employment? _________

21.)       Give 4 examples of a temp service. ____________________________________________

22.)       Does a temp services cost any money? ___________ Explain _______________________


23.)       How long does a typical contract last with a temporary service? ______________________

24.)       What is the incentive for a temp service to find you a job? ___________________________

25.)       What is an advantage to using a temp service? ___________________________________

26.)       What is the best resource, in the end? __________________________________________