Getting ready to move to a new area


Now that you have completed the regular program and are getting ready to move from Junction City, you need a place to live.  Even if you have decided to move home to live with family or a friend, these skills are important for you to practice so that you are best equipped to find employment when you are ready. 


Location, Location, Location


It has been said that the three most important things to consider when finding a home is, ‘Location, Location, Location’.  Where you decide to live will play a huge factor in almost every other part of your life.  Proximity to your job, recreation, friends, etc., will help determine your chances of being successful and happy.

Here are the steps to take when looking for a home:


It is usually best to start looking for a home after you have a job offer. 


Start Shopping





You’ve decided!


·         Once you have done your homework, and qualified the landlord that you would like to rent from, it is their turn to qualify you.








Move in Day

·         You have found your new apartment, been accepted, and have agreed to take possession.













See “Rental Considerations” – page 5.








Rental Considerations – as per ‘Emerald Property Mgt., Inc.’

(Example provided by: Emerald Property Management, Inc. - 2009)


1.)    Rental History

a.       Does the renter have a positive rental history? (Example: Paid rent on time, gave notice prior to moving, has no outstanding dept to a prior landlord, has no record of complaints (i.e. noise, trash etc.)).

2.)    Income

a.       Does the renter have a stable job? (Example: Has worked for the employer for a period of time (or a solid past work history).  Has an income of at least 3 times the amount of rent (i.e. if rent is $500, does the renter gross at least $1,500 per month).

3.)    Credit

a.       Has the renter established any positive credit? (Example: Made regular monthly payments to a bill that reports to a credit agency (i.e. credit card, cell phone, car payment, department store etc.).  No credit” will not be used as a positive attribute for rental purposes, and may require a co-signer (see below).

b.       Paid collections and other satisfied (bad debt) will be taken into consideration.  Medical debt is not considered as bad debt.

4.)    Criminal Background

a.       A criminal background history does not automatically exclude a potential renter (with the exception of a conviction for the Manufacture & Delivery of a controlled substance).  A renter who can show that they are in recovery (i.e. treatment program, counseling, satisfied court order, paid restitution etc.) can be protected under the “Fair Housing Act”. 


Co-Signer as an option:  A co-signer (someone who is willing to apply and be held financially responsible for the same rental agreement as you) may be considered for renters who fall short in one (sometimes two) of the areas listed above. 

Other options may include: Paying a “double deposit” (held in trust by the management company to assure that you will follow the conditions of the rental agreement.  Note:  Rent in advance, is not considered a security since the management company cannot actually provide this money to the owner prior to the month in which the rent applies.


Apartment Search


After you have completed the Housing Mod (‘Searching for your new home’), you are ready to put your skills to work.


Below are several examples of how to fill out the search information.  If you are transitioning independently into the community, search for apartments in the area where you intend to live.  If you are moving in with family or friends, use this search opportunity to gather information about where you may like to move in the future.



Date of Contact:    11/16/00          Notes:    call Thursday before 5pm


Name of Complex:      Stratford Village                             Contact Phone:       (541) 686-1564


Address of Complex:   1647 Coburg Road                         Name of Contact:     Barb Pulman


                                 Eugene, OR 97401                         Openings:         available on December 1st


      1    Bedroom    1   Bathroom   Rent:     $320                   App Fee?  Y / N           Deposits:  $100+$320


What’s Included?        water sewer garbage cable              Requirements:    lease available – credit ap


Positives:   close to work, clean                                  Negatives:    small room, not by activities




Date of Contact:    11/16/00          Notes:    find cosigner / talk to Andy about sharing rent


Name of Complex:      The Commons Apartments          Contact Phone:       (541) 343-4110


Address of Complex:   1745 W. 11th Avenue                     Name of Contact:     Bob Tervian


                                 Eugene, OR 97403                         Openings:         2 units available now


      2   Bedroom   1 ½ Bathroom   Rent:   $525                   App Fee?  Y / N  $35 Deposits:  $400+$200


What’s Included?        water sewer garbage                        Requirements:  $20 credit fee / cosigner??


Positives:   very nice, lots of room, roommate?           Negatives:    higher rent, no cable, high fees



Ask for a blank form to record your apartment searching activities (as shown above).  When you have a number of options listed you can compare them to each other and make an informed choice about which of the apartments best meet your needs.  Keeping good notes will help in this process.  Return the completed form to program staff.


Note: keep track of your time spent on this activity so you can be given the appropriate credit toward your weekly requirements.



Housing Part 1 & 2  – Quiz

1.     What are the three most important things to consider when finding a home? __________________


2.     Why is location so important? _________________________________________________________


3.     Where is the most important place to start (when apartment hunting)? _______________________


4.     What are three things to consider when looking for a home? _______________________________


5.     What is meant by “Qualify them”? _____________________________________________________


6.     List 8 questions commonly asked when shopping for an apartment. _________________________ 1.) ________________________________________ 2.) _____________________________________

      3.) ________________________________________ 4.) _____________________________________

      5.) ________________________________________ 6.) _____________________________________

      7.) ________________________________________ 8.) _____________________________________

7.     What does ‘Gross’ pay refer to? _______________________________________________________


8.     How many times rent, should ‘Gross’ pay typically be? ____________________________________

9.     If the rent requirement is “3 times rent”, and you ‘Gross’ $1,500, how much can you pay in rent?


10.  What is (typically) considered a “long time” to be unemployed? ____________________________

11.  What are the 4 main areas you must qualify to get an apartment? ___________________________

     1.) ________________________________________ 2.) _____________________________________

      3.) ________________________________________ 4.) _____________________________________

12.  What credit score do you need to help you? _____________________________________________

13.  How can the program help with Rental History? __________________________________________



14.  What is the difference between “Conviction” and “Adjudication”? __________________________


15.  What may help you not be disqualified for having a criminal record? ________________________


16.  What should you do BEFORE you sign a rental agreement? ________________________________


17.  What is a disadvantage to signing a lease? ______________________________________________


18.  What must you do so that you will not be held responsible for damage? _____________________


19.  What are 2 of your responsibilities as a renter? __________________________________________


20.  What must you ABSOLUTELY do before moving out? _____________________________________

21.  What is considered to be the standard for giving notice? __________________________________

22.  What must you do to assure you will get your deposit back? _______________________________


23.  What criminal act will disqualify you from renting from ‘Emerald Property Management’? _______


24.  What does it mean to be a co-signer? ___________________________________________________


25.  What might you be able to do if you can’t qualify for an apartment? _________________________


26.  Why should you keep track of your apartment search on the proper forms? __________________