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The Oregon Youth Authority recognizes

Haag Home for Boys

In achievement of the “Highly Effective” level according to the

Correctional Program Checklist (CPC) conducted in July 2008 & November 2010

This status reflects Haag’s employment of effective interventions in its service delivery

To youth.  This program stands among a small number of juvenile justice programs

Throughout the nation to achieve this distinction.

The Oregon Youth Authority applauds Haag Home for Boys for its dedication to

Provide evidence-based reformation services to youth in the custody of the OYA.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I am accepted into your program, how long will I be there?


A: The average client graduates our program in approximately 160 days.  This number is an average of those who are here 4 months, and those who are here up to 8 months.  Everyone’s timeline will vary according to what you need to accomplish during your stay.


Q: Can I go to college while I am there?


A: Most programs require that you earn a certain amount of money to transition, so you will need to plan to work at least part-time while attending school.  Lane Community College is located in Eugene (18 miles from our program) and is accessible by the Lane Transit District (LTD) bus system.


Q: How much money do I need to transition from the program?


A: The amount of money varies but is typically as follows.  If you have a supported transition (ex. Your parent’s home), you are expected to save $1,000.00.  If you are transitioning independently (ex. Your own apartment in Eugene), you will need to save $2,500.00 (to cover rent, deposits, and fees, startup costs, etc.)


Q: How long does it take before I can have a home visit?


A: Home visits (nights spent away from the program) are determined by your level status.  You will begin on level A (administrative status that lasts approximately 7 days), and can move to the next level (“I” = independent status) providing you meet the standard.  “I” = independent status is required for overnight visits.  Therefore, you could potentially be eligible for your first overnight visit 14 – 21 days after your intake (providing your JPPO supports the visit request.


Q: How long does it take to get a job?


A: The job market is fantastic in 2019.  Anyone who wants to work can find employment. Currently, clients are finding that with the appropriate effort and skill level, they can expect to find employment in less than 30 days.  This includes a wiliness to sign up with the temp services.


Q: Do I have to pay rent?


A: The program is contracted to the State of Oregon and receives all payments from that contract.  While you may be asked to pay a simulated rent (in the ILP program), it will be held in trust and returned to you at transition time so that you can rent your own apartment.


Q: Can I use the Haag Home to provide a rental history?


A: Yes. Under certain circumstances (minimal complaints, damage, rules violations etc.), the Haag Home will act at the landlord in supplying you with a valuable rental history reference that you can take to your next apartment community.


Q: Will I have a roommate?


A: Yes.  In the beginning you will have between 2 – 3 roommates who will share your apartment.  This number decreases as you move up through the level system (and into the upstairs apartments).  The Bottom apartment have 4 beds each, the top has 3 and 2 beds each.  If you are accepted into the ILP program, you will move to a three-bedroom triplex where you will have your own room.


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If you would like to be considered for the Haag Home Program, please read the following screening information and complete the questions that follow.  Thank you for your interest.




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