1. Which of the following is a necessity?

A. Hair gel

B. Cellular phone

C. Food

D. Cable TV


2. You earn $800 per month ($200 per week) in income.  Your monthly expenses are: Rent - $350, Utilities - $35, Bus Fare - $20.  Your weekly expenses are $50 for food.  Based on a four-week month, how much money would you have left after expenses?

A. $345

B. $195

C. $290

D. $400


3. What is "take-home pay"?

A. The amount of your check before taxes

B. The amount of your check after taxes

C. The money you have left after your expenses

D. Your weekly allowance


4. Julio has decided he can afford $200/month for a car.  He visits a car dealer and has found 4 cars that he likes, which of the following payment plans are within his budget?

A. $60.00/week

B. $240.00/month

C. $50.00/week

D. $125 every 2 weeks


5. Which of the following is the worst method for paying your electric bill?

A. Buy a money order at the Post Office and mail it to the electric company

B. Mail a check to the electric company

C. Mail cash to the electric company

D. Pay the bill with cash in person at the electric company


6. Angie's checkbook register shows a balance of $120, the bank shows a balance of $80, what should she do?

A. Call the bank and demand they correct the error

B. Find out which checks and deposits have cleared the bank

C. Withdraw all of your money from the bank as soon as possible

D. Write out another check to correct for the balance


7. Why is it important to keep accurate banking records?

A. Your records would reflect your actual account balance

B. A bank charges a substantial fee for writing bad checks

C. A cleared check can serve as a receipt to prove you paid for something

D. All of the above


8. Which of the following charge the highest interest rates for a loan?

A. Bank

B. Credit Union

C. Pay-day Loan (Check-cash outlet)

D. Finance Company


9. Alex's boss gave him a W-2 form at the end of the year that showed how much money he made and the total amount of taxes and withholdings he paid during the year.  What should Alex do?

A. Ask his employer when they can have his taxes filed

B. Use them to complete his income tax return

C. Save the forms to compare with the refund check the IRS will send

D. Send the form to his bank


10. Which of the following telephone prefixes are not toll-free?

A. 1-888

B. 1-976

C. 1-800

D. 1-877


11. Who could you see to find out about businesses and resources in your local community?

A. The police department

B. The post office

C. The Chamber of Commerce

D. The State Employment Office


12. Which of the following would be the responsibility of the landlord?

A. Repairing the plumbing

B. Setting up your phone service

C. Arranging for maid service

D. Replacing your property when your friends damage it


13. Where can you get a replacement birth certificate or social security card?

A. Department of Motor Vehicles

B. Internal Revenue Service

C. Bureau of Vital Statistics

D. State Employment Office


14. At what age can you sign a legal document such as an apartment lease or contract to buy a car?

A. 14 years old

B. 21 years old

C. 17 years old

D. 18 years old


15. What does signing a 12-month lease mean to you?

A. You have to move out after the 12-months are up

B. You cannot have visitors during the first 12-months

C. You may be required to pay for the full 12-months even if you move out before then

D. Nothing, leases are not legally binding


16. Which of the following is important to do before moving your things into an apartment?

A. Subscribe to the local paper

B. Do an apartment walk-through with the landlord and document any damage

C. Transfer the cable service into your name

D. All of the above


17. Which of the following should be seen as a warning sign that you are misusing your credit.

A. You are making only the minimum payment on each of your accounts

B. You are using credit to pay for everyday expenses

C. Both A and B

D. Neither you are just building good credit


18. Jamaal is preparing to cook one hamburger for lunch, how much meat should he use?

A. 1 teaspoon

B. 1 ounce

C. 4 ounces

D. 1 pound


19. Sarah is low on food and needs to go to the store, what is the best way to get what she needs?

A. Look through the kitchen and make a shopping list to take with her

B. Buy what she sees on sale at the store

C. Wait until she is hungry and buy what looks good

D. Take a friend with her to help pick out items


20. Which of the following stores in general offer the widest selection of items at the lowest prices?

A. Convenience Store

B. Specialty Store

C. Delicatessens

D. Supermarket


21. ________________ help to provide energy for your body.

A. Carbohydrates

B. Minerals

C. Proteins

D. Vitamins


22. ________________ help your body fight disease.

A. Carbohydrates

B. Minerals

C. Proteins

D. Vitamins


23. ________________ help your to blood carry oxygen.

A. Carbohydrates

B. Minerals

C. Proteins

D. Vitamins


24. Which of the following food groups are a good source of Protein?

A. Potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta

B. Meat, fish, eggs, beans

C. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes

D. Green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains


25. Which of the following food groups are a good source of Vitamins?

A. Potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta

B. Meat, fish, eggs, beans

C. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes

D. Green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains


26. Which of the following food groups are a good source of Carbohydrates?

A. Potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta

B. Meat, fish, eggs, beans

C. Butter, oils, cheese

D. Green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains


27. Which is the best order to wash dishes after a meal?

A. Pots, plates, silverware, glasses

B. Silverware, plates, pots, glasses

C. Plates, pots, glasses, silverware

D. Glasses, plates, silverware, pots


28. Which meats need to be cooked thoroughly to avoid getting sick?

A. Hamburger

B. Pork

C. Chicken and poultry

D. All of the above


29. How long can you safely store leftovers in the refrigerator?

A. 1 day

B. 3-4 days

C. 2-3 weeks

D. 1 month


30. Which of the following is the best healthy choice for a fast food lunch?

A. McDonalds Quarter Pounder with cheese Extra Value Meal, super sized with a Diet Coke

B. Taco Bell Big-Beef Burrito Supreme, large Mexi-fries and a Mountain Dew

C. Subway 6" roast turkey sandwich, Baked Lays potato chips and juice

D. KFC Extra Crispy chicken dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuit and milk


31. Which of the following is not an important step in avoiding food related illness in your own home?

A. Installing a commercial grade dishwasher to sanitize your dishes

B. Washing your hands frequently

C. Storing food at the proper temperature

D. Cooking food at the proper temperature


32. How often should you wash your bedding?

A. Monthly

B. Weekly

C. Daily

D. Whenever you feel like it


33. What is the best way to sort your clothes before washing?

A. Separate work clothes from leisure clothes

B. Separate high-cost clothes from cheaper items

C. Separate colors from whites

D. Separate shirts and pants


34. The toilet is about to overflow, what should you do first?

A. Call information for the best plumber in the area

B. Call the building maintenance man and the landlord

C. Turn off the water supply at the valve on the wall behind the toilet

D. Pour a container of heavy-duty drain cleaner in the toilet bowl


35. When should you mix chlorine bleach and ammonia together?

A. When you want to wash your clothes and you have no laundry detergent

B. Never - if they mix, they produce a dangerous gas

C. When your floor needs to be disinfected after spilling food on it

D. When you need to clean your windows


36. Which of your organs could be damaged if you consume too much alcohol?

A. Liver

B. Brain

C. Stomach

D. All of the above


37. What is your normal body temperature when taken by mouth?

A. 106

B. 100

C. 98.6

D. 93.5


38. Which birth control method, when used correctly, is the least effective in preventing pregnancy?

A. Birth Control Pills

B. Condoms

C. Withdrawal

D. Abstinence


39. Which of the following contraceptives, or birth control, will help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections:

A. Birth Control Pills

B. Plan B or Emergency Contraceptive

C. Diaphragm

D. Condoms


40. If you have an upset stomach and are not sure what medicine to use, what should you do?

A. Go to the emergency room

B. Take your friend's prescription medicine

C. Go see your doctor

D. Ask a pharmacist at the store


41. Which is the best type of exercise to promote general good health?

A. Weight training for 30 minutes 3 times per week

B. Walking for 30 minutes 3 times per week

C. Running for 5 minutes daily

D. Weight training for 30 minutes daily


42. Which circumstance would warrant going to the emergency room?

A. Having a cold for 4 days

B. Waking up with a headache

C. Having an upset stomach

D. Having a high fever


43. In which of the following situations should an ambulance be called if you were home alone?

A. You feel nauseous

B. You have a bad cold and can't find a ride to your doctor

C. You fall off a ladder and break your leg

D. Your tooth hurts


44. If you wake up in the night and smell smoke, what should you do first?

A. Gather up all your valuable possessions

B. Get out of the house immediately

C. Find the fire and attempt to put it out

D. Crawl to the telephone in the kitchen and call the fire department


45. What does natural gas smells like?

A. Bananas

B. Strong perfume

C. Almonds

D. Rotten eggs


46. Which is the correct method for putting out a grease fire in a frying pan?

A. Place a lid on the pan

B. Pour a glass of water into the pan

C. Throw the pan outside

D. Throw vinegar into the pan


47. What number would you call in case of a fire or emergency?

A. 998-HELP

B. 911

C. 411

D. 555-1212


48. Which of the following is not a safety hazard?

A. Using a 100-watt bulb in a lamp rated for 60-watt bulbs

B. Using a power-strip to plug your TV and VCR into rather than directly into the wall outlet

C. Replacing a blown fuse with one that has a higher amperage

D. Using an electrical appliance when you are wet or near water


49. Which of the following is important to know about the local bus system?

A. Where all the bus stops are located

B. The name of the bus driver in your neighborhood

C. The brand of buses the company uses

D. The correct fare


50. Which of the following items will you not need to bring with you when applying for a job?

A. Information about your work experience

B. Identification

C. Proof of Selective Service registration

D. References


51. Which would be the most dependable way for you to get to work?

A. Catch a ride with a friend

B. Local bus

C. Taxi

D. Hitchhiking


52. Which would be appropriate clothes to wear to an interview at Structures or The Gap?

A. A sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes

B. A dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes, and sweater or tie

C. A T-shirt and shorts

D. A tuxedo


53. Help-wanted ads can be found in which section of the paper?

A. Sports section

B. Local and regional news section

C. Leisure section

D. Classified section


54. You are using a city map to find a street.  When you look it up in the index, it lists Strait Street - D9.  What does "D9" mean?

A. The street is near Highway D9

B. The zip code for Strait St. is D9

C. The street is located in the grid square D9

D. D9 is the state code number for Strait Street


55. Adam just started a new job and worked 50 hours at $10/hour.  He expected his check to be $500 but when he opened it he found it was only $432.50.  What is the most likely explanation for the difference?

A. He must have misunderstood how much he was supposed to be paid

B. He forgot that his employer would deduct taxes from his check

C. His employer is trying to cheat him out of some money and hoped he wouldn't notice

D. He just did the math wrong


56. You missed your bus and are going to be late for work - what should you do?

A. Call work, explain the situation and tell them when you can make it in

B. Go back home and skip work for the day

C. Catch the next bus and hope your supervisor doesn't notice

D. Go back home and call in sick


57. Which of the following will help you in an interview?

A. Bringing in your parent or friend as a reference

B. Telling the interviewer what you hated about your last job

C. Being energetic and making good eye-contact with the interviewer

D. Asking your interviewer personal questions to make it seem like you care


58. What should you be careful of when signing up with a temp agency?

A. The benefits package they offer

B. Agencies that hire for government jobs

C. Agencies that refer you to job training programs

D. Agencies that require you to pay up-front fees


59. Which of the following is the best job overall?  (Remember pay rate isn't everything)

A. A job that pays $7.50/hour with no benefits in a neighboring town

B. A job that pays $7.00/hour with sick time/vacation/and medical benefits in a neighboring town

C. A job that pays $6.75/hour with sick time/vacation/and medical benefits 1 mile from your home

D. A job that pays $6.50/hour with vacation benefits 5 blocks from your home


60. Which of the following would most likely get someone fired?

A. Having a disagreement with a fellow employee

B. Being late for work one time

C. Not following directions of your supervisor on purpose

D. Calling in sick when you have the flu


61. You just started a new job and have a question about your duties.  Who should you ask?

A. A co-worker doing a different job

B. Your parent or a friend

C. Your immediate supervisor

D. The owner of the company


62. Brett is upset with his supervisor for something she said, how should he best handle the situation?

A. Confront her immediately in front of customers or other employees to make sure it does not happen again

B. Wait until he can speak with his supervisor in private and after he has calmed down

C. Report the incident to the owner of the company immediately

D. Say nothing and continue to work


63. April is a waitress and a customer begins yelling at her about his food not being prepared correctly.  April knows the order was made correctly.  What should April do?

A. Politely tell the customer that the order was made correctly

B. Ignore the customer and walk away

C. Ask the customer if they would like something else

D. Tell the customer off and ask them to leave immediately


64. Which of the following is a fringe benefit?

A. Overtime pay

B. Sick leave

C. Workman's compensation

D. Social Security


65. Andy is completing a job application and finds he does not have all of the necessary information to complete the form.  What should he do?

A. Skip the sections he cannot complete and turn in the application

B. Explain the situation to the employer and ask what they would like him to do

C. Guess at the information he does not know, circle those areas and make a note on the application

D. Take the application home, complete and return it when he gets the chance


66. Marta is responding to an ad she saw in the Help Wanted section of the newspaper.  What should she send along with her resume?

A. A copy of her Driver's License and Social Security Card

B. A copy of her high school transcript

C. A thank you card

D. A cover letter


67. Angelo has been working at his new job for 2 months and feels he deserves a raise.  What should he do?

A. Say nothing and continue to work hard, hoping that he will be noticed

B. Go to his supervisor and demand a raise

C. Let his supervisor know that he would like a raise and ask if there is anything he can improve upon to earn it

D. Slow down his work pace because it isn't worth working that hard for only $6.50/hr


68. Chad works with people of many different cultures.  To get along with his coworkers it is especially important for Chad to:

A. Make sure that his coworkers know how things are done here in America

B. Be respectful of other cultures and how they do things

C. Pretend not to notice the differences

D. Try to act like those that he is working most closely with


69. Which of the following is a good and easy way to conserve water in the home?

A. Install low-flow aerators on the faucets

B. Install low-flow heads in the showers

C. Turn off the faucet while your are shaving and brushing your teeth

D. All of the above


70. Which of the following is not a good source for free information about conservation?

A. Post Office

B. Library

C. Utility Company

D. Recycling Center


71. What are 'greenhouse gases'?

A. An alternative fuel source for automobiles

B. Chemical compounds in the earth's atmosphere that prevent heat from escaping

C. The gases that are produced by plants grown in a greenhouse

D. None of the above


72. Smog may cause damage to which of the following?

A. Lungs

B. Forests

C. Agricultural crops

D. All of the above


73. What is Ozone?

A. An invisible layer of gas in the atmosphere that shields the earth from ultraviolet radiation

B. A byproduct of water purification

C. A new energy drink from the Pepsi Cola Company

D. A region of central Oregon known for its old-growth forest and natural, therapeutic hot springs


74. The energy saved by recycling one aluminum can is enough to power a television for how long?

A. 3 seconds

B. 3 minutes

C. 3 hours

D. 3 days


75. What is the proper way to dispose of used motor oil?

A. Pour it into the sewer or down your sink so it can be properly processed

B. Collect it in a sealed container and put it out with your recycling, bring it to a recycling center or to a Quick Lube so it can be reprocessed

C. Collect it in a sealed container and throw it away with your trash

D. Collect the oil in a shallow pan, set it outside, and allow it to evaporate over time


76. Andy and his wife Claire need to buy a car since the one they have now is no longer reliable.  How should they decide what kind of car to get?

A. Andy should insist they get a 4X4 so he can use it to go hunting and camping on the weekends

B. Claire should insist they get a small import car because they can save money on gas

C. Andy and Claire should list the things that each of them want and need in a car and find something that works for both of them

D. Andy and Claire should go to the nearest car lot and buy the first car they can afford


77. Bill's supervisor talks quickly and uses words that Bill does not know.  What should Bill do?

A. Ask his supervisor to speak more slowly so he can ask questions and make sure he understands

B. Nod politely and pretend that he understands then after his supervisor leaves, ask a coworker to help him

C. Ask to be transferred to another department

D. Quit his job and find another one that he knows more about


78. Alexandra feels like she never has enough time to complete her work during the day.  What should she do first?

A. Make a list of all her daily tasks at the beginning of the day, rank them by importance and cross them off as they are completed

B. Quit because her supervisor is obviously taking advantage of her

C. Talk to her supervisor immediately and explain she has too much to do

D. Demand she be assigned an assistance to reduce her workload


79. Janet was assigned to a major, very detailed project at her new job and she is not sure where to start.  What should she do?

A. Ask for a different assignment

B. Wait until things are clearer in her mind before doing anything

C. Find others to start the project and once they are working on it, offer to help

D. Break the project down into smaller tasks


80. If you are finding it difficult to prioritize your workload you should?

A. Ask someone else to do your work for you

B. Keep working until someone notices and offers to help

C. Ask your supervisor for some assistance

D. Put off the work you do not want to do, knowing that others will do it eventually


81. Problems can also be:

A. Results

B. Opportunities

C. Information

D. Solutions


82. Holly had a plan to finish three projects by the end of the day.  She was unable to complete one of them.  What should she do?

A. Turn in the unfinished project and start on new items the following day

B. Pass on the unfinished project to a coworker

C. Put the unfinished project on the bottom of her list and finish it when all of her other work is complete

D. Adjust her plans for the following day, complete the project as quickly as possible and then move on


83. What is the first step in problem solving (compromising)?

A. Finding possible solutions

B. Clearly identifying the problem

C. Putting your plan into action

D. Tracking the results


84. Which of the following are examples of non-verbal communication?

A. Staring at someone

B. Avoiding eye-contact

C. Slamming a door

D. All of the above


85. What is feedback?

A. The style of music popularized by Jimi Hendrix

B. Responding to someone's questions with a rude comment

C. Listening to what is being said and letting them know you understand

D. The most effective way to coil a hose or cable


86. You are being ______________ when you openly express your opinions and feelings about an issue, and listen to the opinions, feelings, and needs of others.

A. Passive

B. Aggressive

C. Assertive

D. Truthful


87. You are being ______________ when you look to meet your needs, and do not care about the needs of others.

A. Passive

B. Aggressive

C. Assertive

D. Truthful


88. You are being ______________ when you do not express your opinions and feelings about an issue, and just take things as they come.

A. Passive

B. Aggressive

C. Assertive

D. Lazy


89. Jose is working as a dishwasher.  Everyone says he is doing a good job but Jose does not like his job much anymore.  He is not sure what else he would like to do but knows he does not want to wash dishes forever.  What should Jose do?

A. Quit his job immediately because he is not getting paid enough to do a job he doesn't like

B. Continue to work hard at his current job while he establishes goals for his future and takes steps to achieve them

C. Continue to work hard at his current job and hope that his boss will notice this and offer him a better job

D. Nothing, because he knows he does not have any skills that qualify him for another job


90. When you are angry, you are using approximately how much of your brain's capacity?

A. 10%

B. 30%

C. 60%

D. 90%


91. Which of these could be an anger 'invitation'?

A. When you are trying to talk with someone and they ask - "what's your problem?"

B. When you receive an unexpected bill in the mail

C. When you do not have enough money to do something you want

D. All of the above


92. Anger invitations can be:

A. Verbal or non-verbal

B. Intentional or unintentional

C. Both A & B

D. None of the above


93. A person uses __________ when acting out in a criminal manner:

A. Thinking Errors

B. Tactics

C. Masks

D. All of the above


94. Excuse making is an example of:

A. A Tactic

B. A Thinking Error

C. Both A & B

D. None of the above


95. The ‘Nice Guy” is an example of:

A. A person who always finishes last.

B. Someone who is pleasant to be around.

C. A Mask

D. None of the above


96. A person that is identified as antisocial:

A. Negative views about the law

B. Negative expressions of conventional institutions (school, work, system-bashing)

C. Negative expressions of self-management (“I can’t do that”)

D. All of the above


97. An example of an antisocial risk factor is:

A. Hanging out with criminal persons.

B.  Covering for someone else’s criminal behavior.

C. Both A & B

D. None of the above


98. In order to change from an anti-social to a pro-social person you must:

A. Change your Behavior

B. Change your Criminal Thinking

C. Both A & B

D. None of the above


99. Empathy is:

A. The ancient art of healing.

B. An ability to recognize and experience how other feel.

C. The ability to read another persons mind.

D. None of the above


100. The ‘Power Pendulum’ is a term used to explain:

A. An ancient device used to cut a criminal head off.

B. The new engine used in a V-12 combustion motor.

C. The desire to force your will on another person.

D. The criminal that is either gaining or losing power.


101. The Convict Code is:

A. The Code used by a convict to access his ATM Banking machine.

B. A Code that a criminal must use prior to entering a hideout or secret place.

C. A Code among criminals that allows a person to commit a crime without being told on.

D. The letters and/or numbers painted on the orange jump suits worn by convicts.


102. Group therapy should focus on:

A. The commonalities in thinking patterns that all group member share.

B. The warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re together in a group.

C. The opportunity to point out others faults and weaknesses.

D. None of the above


103. Of the following situations, who should be able to drink without negative health and legal consequences?

A.    A 17-year-old male who just got his driver’s license and wants to celebrate.

B.     A 27-year-old female who is three months pregnant

C.     A 40-year-old male recovering from alcohol addiction

D.    A 22-year-old female who plans to spend the evening casually drinking with friends of a similar age, and who is not planning to drive. 


104. A standard drink contains 0.6 _________ of pure alcohol.

A.    Pounds

B.     Ounces

C.     Liters

D.    Gallons


105.What is the main drug in tobacco that makes it so addicting?

A.    Dopamine

B.     Nicotine

C.     Dextromethorphan

D.    Anabolic Steroids


106.What is not a potential health effect of tobacco use?  

A.    Lung Cancer

B.     Chronic Bronchitis

C.     Improved sense of taste and smell

D.    Emphysema


107.What addictive & dangerous substance is typically found in over the counter drugs used to treat headaches, sinus pressure, and cold/flu symptoms?

A.    Dextromethorphan (DXM)

B.     Blueberry extract

C.     Sebaceous glands oil

D.    Chamomile Extract


108.True or False: Mixing alcohol with over the counter drugs makes them safer to use. 

A.    True

B.     False


109.Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of what?

A.    The male hormone testosterone

B.     Canine aggression hormones

C.     The thyroid gland

D.    Poppy seed oil


110.True or False: In men, anabolic steroids can: reduce sperm count, shrink the testicles,  cause infertility, and enlarge the breasts. 

A.    True

B.     False


111. Methamphetamine causes the body to release large doses of what neurotransmitter that is involved in the body's pleasure response.

A.    Acetylcholine

B.     Histamine

C.     Serotonin

D.    Dopamine


112.The major reason why users become so addicted to meth is because without it they are no longer able to experience ___________ and usually slip into a ___________.

A.    Life, Cave

B.     Happiness, Robe

C.     Pleasure, Depression

D.    Walking, funk


113.Which of the following is not one of the effects of cocaine/crack as it goes through the body?

A.    Dilated pupils

B.     Sensitivity to sight, sound, and touch

C.     Weight gain and cravings for junk food

D.    Restlessness


114.True or False: It is not possible to recover from crack/cocaine addiction.

A.    True

B.     False


115.What plant is heroin derived from?

A.    Strawberries

B.     Poppy

C.     Pineapple

D.    Grape


116.Which of the following is not an effective treatment for heroin addiction?

A.    Raspberry leaf extract

B.     Methadone

C.     Behavioral therapies

D.    Buprenorphine